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Director of Title & Escrow Operations

Meyer & Company, LLP

Chicago Title Dallas Midtown Office


Leslie began working in the commercial real estate industry in 1985.  She began her career at Safeco Land Title of Dallas working for title legend, Norma Lea Beasley. 

"Experience, knowledge and service... they all intersect when closing a deal with Leslie Wheeler.  I trusted her and her team to close One Dallas Center for many years."
Shawn Todd, Managing Partner/CEO
Todd Interests
"The Wheeler Teams at Chicago Title are great people to deal with.  They understand customer service, have timely execution and are extremely accurate."
Perry Molubhoy, CEO and Arzu Molubhoy, CFO
Atlantic Hotels Group

Norma hired Leslie as the receptionist and subsequently took Leslie under her wing to teach her all of the different facets of the commercial title industry. They worked together abstracting, examining and creating title opinions of all types together with reading and analyzing the various forms of surveys.

In 1992, Leslie joined the commercial closing teams of Republic Title of Texas, Inc.  Again, Leslie found herself working side by side with her second mentor and title legend, William “Bill” Kramer.  Under Bill’s watchful eye, Leslie quickly rose through the ranks at Republic Title to become one of their Sr. Vice Presidents and top commercial closer for the following 10 years. 

In 2002, Leslie joined the Chicago/Fidelity family and never looked back.  She worked in their NBU office as well as the commercial closing office of William “Bill” Woodall before opening the Chicago Title/Meyer & Company f/k/a Clutts & Company office in 2010.   Without a doubt, Leslie is enjoying her finest hour at the helm of the Chicago Title Dallas Midtown office.

Leslie understands that each customer is unique and requires a keen eye, creative mind and a thorough understanding of title insurance in order to present the most comprehensive yet economical product for the customer.  In a market that sees an abundance of adequate closers, interested in only the one time transaction, Leslie prides herself in possessing the knowledge of the industry that allows her to provide a second to none product to her customers, year after year.


To contact Leslie at the Chicago Title Dallas Midtown Office of Meyer & Company, LLP,

14160 Dallas Parkway, Suite 810

Dallas, Texas  75254

Main Office:  214-361-6771

Direct : 214-389-2401 or

"Leslie and her team are incredibly responsive and dependable.  When we closed Lakeside Tower, I knew that we could always pick-up the phone and talk with anyone on her team about the transaction."
John Mearns,  Senior VP
Trigate Capital
"Leslie Wheeler is a true Rock Star and first on my list when I get to choose the closer on any of my land deals."
Kevin McCollough, Partner
Rochelle McCullough
"Leslie Wheeler has and continues to be our 1st choice for our closing agent.  Her service is impeccable."
Robert Sanders, Director of Facility Development
Berkshire Hathaway Automotive

I have worked with Leslie a number of times over the last five years. She is a responsive and attentive title agent who knows her business better than any other Texas title agent I have ever worked with. She goes out of her way to service her customers and doesn't miss a beat. I am happy to recommend Leslie and her title company, and would be happy to speak with anyone who has specific questions about working with this very professional businesswoman.


Lisa Berger, Owner,



For many years, Leslie has been my "go to" title and escrow officer for all commercial real estate transactions in Texas. Her experience and expertise are superb, and she is truly among Texas' elite closers. I can always rely on her to provide top notch, timely service. It gives me a lot of peace of mind when I know Leslie is handling one of my deals.

Zach Allen, Shareholder & Director

Crowe & Dunlevy


Leslie is easily one of the best title insurance officers around. She is amazingly helpful and responsive and knows how to get a transaction done with her pragmatic and creative approach to resolving problems to everyone's satisfaction.

Mark Gould, Partner at Arnall,

Golden, Gregory, LLP

"Leslie did a great job with a difficult transaction or series of transactions.  Where we have transactions in your market and are not directed where to go, Leslie and CTT will remain high on my list."
Carl Friedsam, Partner
Martin & Drought, P.C.
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